Terrazzo Tiling – Beautiful Detailing and Beyond

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Resi Homes have something of an origin story in tiling and to this day it remains a point of pride in our builds. Specialising in working with is stone tiling, Resi Home builds often feature tiled areas as a focal point that our clients love.

One of the latest trends and phases to come to Australian shores is Terrazzo tiling and yep, you guessed it Resi Homes have been working with this versatile tile for a number of years now. So, let’s get started with the basics

What are Terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo is a composite material which is binded either with cementitious material or polymeric to create a tile. Terrazzo has been used for centuries, originally from Egypt but with the more familiar style we know and love today originating in Italy. Warmer then marble, certainly more cost-effective and easily as durable Terrazzo tiles have made a recent comeback and are featuring more and more in Australian builds due to their durability and ability to be applied to multiple rooms seamlessly.

What’s Behind the Terrazzo Tile trend?

Basically, Terrazzo tiles look good and due to their composite material they can incorporate any number of hues and colours. Terrazzo can blend into a muted colour scheme or the brighter colour varieties can be used to highlight as a feature.  An easy and eco-friendly alternative to natural stone Terrazzo Tiles are elevating the light industrial look that made an appearance about a decade ago. Featuring more and more in bathrooms the tiles are also available in a porcelain finish making them ideal for wet areas that you want to draw into focus.

Interested in incorporating Terrazzo Tiles into your Queensland Build?

We offer tiling services for residential, commercial, indoor or outdoor projects. Bathrooms and paving with expertise in renovation tiling projects, we can help you lay the foundations for your home or business.






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