Award-winning custom-built home on the Sunshine Coast

The story behind the 2022 HIA Sunshine Coast People's Choice Award winner

Building a dream home can be daunting, but it can be a journey filled with excitement and satisfaction when you have the right builder. If you're looking for a Sunshine Coast builder who can turn your home designs into reality, look no further than Resi Homes. 

As an award-winning builder, they have extensive experience in home builds and specialise in creating unique and personalised home designs that perfectly suit their clients' needs and preferences. 

One of their proudest achievements is the home at 12 White Oak Place, Perwillowen, winner of the 2022 HIA Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay People’s Choice Award and Custom Built Home up to $500,000 runner-up. It's a perfect mix of creativity, innovation, and top-notch craftsmanship. Here is the story behind this HIA award-winning build, including the challenges, inspirations, and unique features that made it the people’s favourite.

Blackbutt timber kitchen counter quaker style 2pac kitchen cabinetry

The Client's Vision:

This project started with a couple who had a lot to think about—they were on a budget, about to have a baby, and going through career changes. They knew exactly what they wanted: a four bedroom place with open living spaces, an easy flow from inside to outside, and a cozy living room where they could relax and have fun. 

From Rough Sketches to Dream Design:

The clients provided Resi Homes with some initial rough sketches for our in-house design team to draft floor plans. The clients were thrilled with the very first concept! The design smartly separates the kids' rooms from the entertaining area, using fully insulated internal and external walls, ensuring that entertaining can continue without disturbing the little ones. 

Creating a Sense of Space:

Even though the square footage is on the smaller side, it feels huge because of the clever layout. The doorways are pillarless, so the inside and outside flow seamlessly, making it feel like one big open space. The entertainment area goes right out into the backyard so that you can enjoy your private paradise.

Embracing the Challenge of a Sloping Block:

The block of the house has a significant slope, but Resi Homes was able to create a layout that captured the stunning north-west view and golden hours. Every detail was carefully thought out to make the house look great and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings.

Prioritising Functionality and Comfort:

Since there was a little kid in the family, they wanted materials that would last and be easy to maintain. They put vinyl plank flooring throughout the house because it's durable and practical. The bedrooms have plush carpets to make them cozy, and the wet areas have polished concrete that looks industrial-chic and is easy to clean. The cool polishing technique means it'll look great for years to come.

Backyard of new build with small square footage

Cabinetry Elegance and Local Charm:

The kitchen and bathrooms have beautiful Shaker-style cabinets in a crisp white finish. They used Australian blackbutt timber benchtops from local suppliers to add warmth and character. These benchtops tie the house to its surroundings and look amazing.

A Dream Come True:

The result was a stunning and personalised home that perfectly suited the client's needs and preferences for a comfortable, stylish, and functional home. It was built with care and attention to detail and felt like a home throughout the entire build process, from the first design to the finishing touches. The clients said this was the home of their dreams, and this can be felt in every room of the house.

Resi Homes is an award-winning HIA custom home builder with extensive experience in creating dream homes for their clients. If you're looking for a Perwillowen or Nambour builder with a great track record in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and beyond, Resi Homes is the perfect choice for your home-build journey.

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