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Wooden flooring is a long-standing staple in homes across the world. In Queensland, it’s a practical choice for a number of reasons. It’s cooler in the summer months, it’s easier to maintain, it’s long lasting, it adds warmth and character and of course, timber flooring simply looks great.
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Resi Homes have something of an origin story in tiling and to this day it remains a point of pride in our builds. Specialising in working with is stone tiling, Resi Home builds often feature tiled areas as a focal point that our clients love.
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To Renovate or to Build a New Home?It’s a common scenario. You’ve got the land with a bit of a fixer-upper of a house on it.As an existing home owner, if you’re currently questioning whether to renovate or whether to knock down, start from scratch, and build a new house, there’s a few important considerations.
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The Project The brief from the client for the Marina Build in the Mackay Region was a high-end home with upmarket finishes that maximised the amazing views and ocean breezes. They wanted a family home that was safe whilst also architecturally stunning.
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