Queensland Parquetry Flooring: 5 things you need to know

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Wooden flooring is a long-standing staple in homes across the world. In Queensland, it’s a practical choice for a number of reasons. It’s cooler in the summer months, it’s easier to maintain, it’s long lasting, it adds warmth and character and of course, timber flooring simply looks great.

Parquetry flooring takes the practical application of timber flooring and raises the bar to a whole new level of sophistication and beauty. So, what is parquetry flooring? Where did it originate, how has it evolved, how much does it cost and most importantly should you invest in it?

1. What is Parquetry flooring

In a nutshell, Parquetry is a style of mosaic timber flooring, that is highly decorative. Over the years it’s featured more throughout Queensland’s homes’ adding a sophistication and high-end character to both modern and traditional homes. Parquetry flooring is still very much a luxury feature but patterns can be simplified or fancified to reflect the style of the home and to fit the space.

2. A brief history of Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry flooring came from France in the 17th century. Just briefly, in 1684 the Palace of Versailles had to replace the marble flooring as too much much maintenance and cleaning continuously rotted the joists underneath (always a costly fix and replace job even for the French Royal Family). The elaborate wooden flooring kept up the appearance of intricate sophistication but removed much of the maintenance costs. After the royal family commissioned the change it got taken up by the gentry of France which then trickled on and on and on.

The take home is this. For centuries Parquetry flooring has been used to replace expensive less practical flooring due to its lower maintenance but equivalent beauty and durability. Today parquetry flooring is used for similar reasons across the world.

3. Modern Methods of Parquetry Flooring

Today parquetry flooring has evolved from its 17th-century form and can be largely fitted to suit a number of budget and housing styles. Methods can range from elaborate mosaic’s using a range of timbers of different origin, and stains to create intricate tessellations that become highlights to more mundane styles that flow throughout, like a chevron or herringbone patterns. Likewise, the methods of laying parquetry have evolved as well, traditionally it involved hot bitumen but now modern adhesive are used which allow for more movement and quicker application.

Parquetry flooring is also available in two varieties; engineered and solid wood. Engineered Parquetry is usually made of ‘core layers’ usually ply or similar and ‘wear layers’ which are made of hardwood like Oak or another variety. Solid wood parquetry is basically all one wood variety throughout and like all natural products will expand and contract according to weather. There are benefits to both types of parquetry. For example, solid wood adds true character, ages better and increases the value of your home while engineered parquetry is quicker to install, can be laid over underfloor heating and is also less susceptible to contraction and expansions.

4. Types of Parquetry Patterns

You’re really limited by your imagination here. More traditional styles include;
Brick pattern
And Chevron.

Some of the key questions to ask yourself are; What space will it be in? Am I after a feature or do I want parquetry throughout? And of course, weighing budget vs desired outcome.

5. Is Parquetry Flooring worth investing in?

Parquetry is NOT the cheap option. It’s probably best considered as an aspirational choice. So really, it depends on you and your property. Is it your ‘forever’ or dream home and walking daily across parquetry has always fit into that aspiration? If so, then its quickly becomes one of those ‘I wish I just stretched that little bit further’ things. But, if you’re looking to live and then sell as an investment later on than it really comes down market value, in regard to this, statistics show that parquetry flooring and wooden flooring does improve the market value of your home. But you should consider a less ‘intricate’ pattern like Chevron or herringbone which are less ‘taste specific’.

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