Perwillowen - Sunshine Coast

White Oak Place

the project

A special build for a lovely couple who were working to a budget, expecting a child, and managing a job and location transition.

They wanted a four-bedroom home with open living, a transitional outdoor area, and a lounge that was close to everything but closed off enough for comfortable relaxing with the TV on.

The design of the house has achieved an extra sense of space. Despite the square metres available, the place feels much more prominent due to the planned layout. We went with a pillarless corner door to maximise the  indoor/outdoor entertaining Queenslanders have come to know, love, and expect. This feature opens the area and allows for a spacious-feeling entertainment space.

A feature was created in the wet areas, using polished concrete in these areas for a spectacular finish.


the result

"We wanted something that you can have a little kid grow up, somewhere we could settle in for a long time.

We went in and spoke to Dayne. We said: 'This is what we want. This is the outlook. This is how we kind of see what we kind of want.' And I was really impressed with the plan. He drew it up; it was a custom plan.

There are a lot of practicalities about this house that I just love, like the design of the house for a young family. There were things I didn't even really think of that have just come in super handy, and it's just very practical, like the laundry and the linen closet are right next to the kitchen.

From the first time we met, Dayne was very open about all the financial things, where he could save me money, and where we'd have to spend money. I felt pretty confident going into it that he was going to look after me. It was just pretty smooth, and I didn't have any dramas.

The move-in and the finishing date exceeded my expectations. So, it made the whole process really good. He returned my phone calls within the day.

I was talking to a neighbour across the road who was still building, who started at the same time, and their builder took weeks to get back to them. Dayne was putting pressure on the real estate agent to get the settlement so that we could get the slab down. He basically had everything ready to go. As soon as we signed that paper, I think the slab was down in two weeks. So each stage was just completed ahead of schedule, really. And there was a big push just before Christmas to get it to a lockup stage and almost painted and everything like that. I came out on a Sunday to do a little bit of work on some retaining walls, and he and all his crew out here just working. They worked seven days straight on the place, getting it ready to be able to lock up. I was pretty impressed with that.

Dayne is very on top of it. He goes out, sees the sites, and keeps the ball rolling on the progress of it. The speed at which this house was built, and the quality it was made with. You don't really get that with too many other builders. I'm yet to see it.

I'd back him 100%."

Chris Roberts | Owner, White Oak Place, Perwillowen

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