Doonan - Sunshine Coast

Stewart Court

the project

This house located in Doonan was a remarkable project. The design process was quite complex, as we needed to ensure that our clients got everything they wanted while making it work on a steeply sloping block. We achieved this while keeping the house fully slabbed and not requiring any out-of-ground piers or columns.

The homeowner had children who were reaching adolescence, so we made sure to prioritize privacy between living areas, separate living and study areas for the teenage children, and a private master suite. We made sure to achieve everything on the wish list while keeping to the budget, and the build time for this particular project resulted in a very satisfied client.


the result

A stunning split-level pavilion style house with tiers that separate the master retreat from the rest of the children's bedrooms. The master suite is designed to blend in with the surrounding nature, with a freestanding bath sitting by the corner window that offers a breathtaking view of the rainforest. The open living area on the main floor overlooks the infinity edge pool and the rainforest, making it feel like a true home.

We are particularly proud of this build, considering the steep slope of the block and the challenges of building in the middle of the forest.

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