Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you are sitll in need of information please feel free to contact us. 

RESI HOMES prides itself on being able to build on all block types at the most cost effective price possible. The steeper the block the more input our team can have in the design process to ensure the most efficient build for that particular block.

Yes. If the plans have been drafted then you will need to have the copyright to those plans and RESI HOMES can then give you a fixed price quote for your new home. Alternatively, if you have a rough sketch of the design you would like then we can take your sketch to our design team who will provide you with a concept sketch of a floor plan drawn to scale plus a front elevation for under $1000. The concept sketch can be used to provide you with a full quotation.

At RESI HOMES all framing is pine T2 treated timber. In fact, every piece of timber that goes into your home from ply right down to your skirting and architrave will be termite treated. For extra piece of mind, every house is also protected by Kordon perimeter termite barrier.

RESI HOMES only use the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Plain Language Building Contracts. These contracts are set out and worded to be clear and easy to understand. In the HIA contract there are 6 stages of payment:

  1. Deposit (5% of the contract price), paid upon signing of the contract;
  2. Base (10% of the contract price) , paid once either the slab or floor framing is down;
  3. Frame (15% of the contract price), paid upon completion of the frame;
  4. Enclosed (35% of the contract price), paid once the roof is on and the house has been cladded with external windows and doors having been fitted;
  5. Fixing (20% of the contract price), paid when the plaster has been hung and fix out complete;
  6. Practical completion (15% of the contract price), paid once your home is complete and a practical completion inspection has taken place.

Once the contract has been signed and deposit paid then all of the paperwork will be lodged with authorities to gain necessary approvals. When building approvals have been obtained work will commence immediately. Dayne is a hands on builder who will be onsite for the entire build ensuring your home is completed in a timely manner and to the highest quality. The average build time for low set homes from start to hand over is 10 weeks and high set homes average 13 weeks.

RESI HOMES thoroughly enjoys the design stage and has a design team on hand that will walk you through every step to help you design an original home that you will love. Once this process is complete, your custom design house will then be priced to include all requirements before being presented as an easy to read and understand document.

Floor slabs rely heavily on support from the foundation soil that they are constructed on. Soils vary from lot to lot; a slab designed for a stable soil lot will be inadequate for reactive soil types with high movement. Consequently, to ensure the correct floor slab is selected for a particular lot, a soil test must first take place to determine the soil type so the adequate floor slab can then be designed.The basic soil types are as follows:

  • A- Mostly sand and rock sites, very little ground movement;
  • S- Slightly reactive ground;
  • M- Moderately reactive ground;
  • H- Highly reactive ground;
  • E- Extremely reactive ground;
  • P- For sites that include: deep controlled fill, uncontrolled fill, soft/loose soil, land slip, mine subsidence, collapsing soil, or soil subject to erosion.

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